Making of Golden Hour

Take a peek into some techniques I used in my Golden Hour collection 

Sunset Skinner Blends

In polymer clay art, a skinner blend is a color gradient created from two or more different colors. using a many runs though a pasta machine, the clay is gradually combined, creating a beautiful blend. I wanted to use this technique with some traditional "sunset" colors (orange, yellow, etc) but I took it a little bit further by looking at images of sunsets from all over the world, and found some colors that were there that I wouldn't have expected - light purples, soft green-blues, and tans got incorporated into some of my gradient earrings. 

I also wanted to make some pieces where the gradient was consistent from top to bottom on an earring with multiple pieces. That meant rather than optimizing for space, as I would on a solid color slab, I cut each piece out arranged as it would be in the finished earrings. This created a little bit more waste, which I was able to reuse for the sunkissed terrazzo slab

Sunkissed Terrazzo 

I had made Terrazzo before, but this is the first time I marbled the individual "stones" in the slab. I did this using the gradients created in the skinner blends (zero waste woo!) and added some "granite" clay as well as embossing powder to some of the colors before making the slab to add a more natural speckle. I am so pleased with how it turned out! 


Brass Inlay - a new technique 

I usually create new shapes by finding brass pieces that move me, and by using them and my shape cutters as pieces of a puzzle, until I find shapes that move me. I found these beautiful little wheat stocks, and although they didn't have holes like most charms I use, I knew I could find a way to use them. I used needle nose pliers to push the charm into the clay, before cutting out the shape, and then baking with the piece inside. After baking, I popped out the piece, applied some glue, and put it back in and let it dry. This opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me and I have been playing with more ideas using this method since. 

I really put my heart into this collection, and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it. <3