Fine Art Portfolio

In addition to her functional commercial work, Amanda also creates one of a kind, mixed media fine art objects using ceramic and glass. She is currently open to gallery showings and has dreams of creating her first solo installation in 2023. 

Post-Pandemic Punch Party 

ceramic punch bowl and glass cups ceramic decanter with glass stopper and chain
Shown at the Bianco Gallery in Seattle, the Post Pandemic Punch Party was meant as a celebration of freedom after the pandemic. Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco Punch bowl, Amanda created an ethereal and joyful punch bowl, a set of 6 cups, and decanter with stopper. A celebration of togetherness, without forgetting our collective past. 

Wall Flowers

A celebration of her home in the pacific northwest, Wall Flowers is a collection of ethereal magical meadows utilizing both her ceramic and borosilicate glass techniques. 

Chain Vases

Amanda's first foray into mixing ceramic and glass materials, chain vases are typically functional objects - vases, fruit bowls, etc, that are adorned with borosilicate glass chain. The mixing of the two materials creates a kind of magic - the glass magnifying and highlighting the color of the ceramic, and the ceramic creating a solid canvas for which the glass can shine.