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The World's Fanciest Bowl

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This bowl is magic. What is it used for you might ask? How about the most decadent water bowl for your cat? Or the fanciest way to eat your chili? Maybe the place you put all of your lemons to make them look classy? No matter how you use it, she will bring lightness and joy to your life. 

Hand thrown porcelain bowl with pedestal, glazed using 5 different colors to create this dreamy rainbow effect. The clear borosilicate (pyrex!) glass chain is handmade and permanently secured to the bowl. This thing took me hours to make. So worth it. 8 inches total diameter by 6 inches tall. 

Delicate hand wash only. Heat safe, if you decide to use it for that, but please don't put her in the microwave. That would be silly. 


Always reach out with any questions!
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Each piece is designed and fabricated with the user in mind. Hypoallergenic earring posts, pots with drainage holes, and thoughtfully sized tumblers. Everything goes through rounds of prototyping to work out the optimal size, details, and colors, to deliver to you a beautiful, functional product.