Image of our founder Amanda sitting on a stool in her pottery studio

Amanda Woodcock is a multimedia artist living in Seattle, WA. She studied bioengineering at the University of Washington and worked as a mechanical engineer designing medical devices before transitioning to working on Modern Science Project full time in January 2021. 

Modern Science Project was born from Amanda's love of art and science - she aims to merge the two in her work. Her work can be described as both colorful and modern. Her goal is simply "to make weird shit". And she hopes that her handmade products bring people as much joy as making them brings her. 

Amanda enjoys working in a wide range of materials and techniques, and the use of various mediums is integral to her work. She aims to have a wide toolbox of skills so that when an idea strikes, she can execute that idea in a variety of ways to achieve different effects. She uses her background in product design and mechanical engineering and utilizes engineering tools such as her two 3D printers (affectionately named Maude and Margaret) and a laser cutter (Bruno) in her work. 

Currently, Amanda is most inspired by playing with light. In her new work, she creates soft, dreamy, functional products that play with the properties of light. 

Modern Science Project started in  2017 where Amanda sold resin jewelry, then fiber art, before finding the joy of creating in polymer clay, ceramic, and resin that she works in now. She never imagined that it would get big enough to become her full time job, but feels so grateful that it has - what started by her throwing pottery in her kitchen has become something that brings her immense satisfaction and joy. 

Everything Modern Science Project produces is built by Amanda in her basement studio. Follow her on instagram for a look into her process, her studio, and her furry babies Gaia and Ginnie