Care Information

Thank you for ordering from Modern Science Project! Below you'll find information on how to use and care for your items. Either scroll down or click a link below. 

Polymer Clay Earrings 

Acrylic Earrings 

To clean, wipe with damp cloth. Hang or lay earrings flat away from moisture when not in use. 

Resin Objects 

Wipe with damp cloth as needed. 

Wall Mounted Resin Propagation Station 

hang using included command strip - pro-tip, assemble such that the edge of the command strip sticks up or down past the resin piece so it can be removed in the future. Weight limit is 2 pounds - do not use for very large cuttings or floral arrangements. 

WAVE Propagation Station 

Hang with two nails or screws in mounting holes - be sure the heads are big enough such that the propagations station will not fall forward. 


For indoor use only - keep dry and away from water or humid environments. All components are UL listed, and assembled with the greatest of care. To clean, dust with a dry microfiber cloth or wipe with a soft damp cloth.