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Rain Cloud Watering Bell in Iridescent Magic

Rain Cloud Watering Bell in Iridescent Magic

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The most fun way to water your plants. Simply submerge the bell in water, plug the top with your thumb, position over the plant, and release your thumb to water. IT'S A RAINCLOUD THAT RAINS. It's so cute. 

 Each piece is slip cast and finished by hand. The pieces are then fired, glazed, and fired again. This is a handmade product, so small variations may exist between pieces, including glaze imperfections and minor warping. These only add to their charm. 

Actual color may vary due to differences in computer screens. Orders ship within 7-10 business days.


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Made with you in mind

Each piece is designed and fabricated with the user in mind. Dishwasher and microwave safe mugs, pots with drainage holes, and thoughtfully sized tumblers, robust enough for every day use.