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Checkered Straws

Checkered Straws

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These reusable glass straws are such a fun way to enjoy any beverage! In my opinion, they are a significantly more comfortable option than metal straws (cold and sharp) or silicone straws (too chewy - ick!). Decorated with colored glass. Straws are 8 inches long.

Each straw is formed and decorated by hand by heating the glass on a torch. It is made from borosilicate glass (Pyrex) so it is heat resistant and stronger than typical kitchen glass. They stand up great to normal use, and are good for hot and cold drinks. Dishwasher safe, if done with care. If needed, clean with a standard straw cleaning brush. 

Orders ship within 7-10 business days. Due to its handmade nature, the product delivered may have slight differences than the one pictured.

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Made with you in mind

Each piece is designed and fabricated with the user in mind. Dishwasher and microwave safe mugs, pots with drainage holes, and thoughtfully sized tumblers, robust enough for every day use.